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The National Physical Therapy Exam NPTE

The fastest most cost effective method to pass the NPTE is through a course developed by experienced professionals.

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How To Pass The National Physical Therapy Exam

Every week we talk to physical therapist assistant graduates who tell us about their classmate who passed their Boards the first attempt. That classmate rarely seemed to study in school or for the Boards, maybe their even posted on Facebook or Twitter that they partied the night before and still got a great score. You hate this, because you have studied everything, know everything and still cannot seem to get the score you need. For the rest of us, success come with a coordinated system to pass the NPTAE.

The fastest most cost effective method to pass the NPTAE is to take a live seminar or workshop course developed by experienced US trained and licensed physical therapists and health care industry professionals.

An in person course will force your studying outside your comfort zone and to the areas you would never realize on your own need to improve in order to pass the NPTAE. Sitting at home with review books and flashcards seems less expensive, but is it really? If you have already failed the NPTAE once and are waiting a month or more to re-take the NPTAE, how much are you losing in lost income each month because of that failure? How much more will you loose if you fail again?

For almost all physical therapist assistant graduates, the problem is not knowledge, it is understanding how to answer the best answer multiple choice question. Again a course that understands this problem and can guide you learning effective test strategies is critical to your ability to get past their hurdle, get your license and get a job.

Inexpensive books and flashcards are great, but now with fix date testing, and a mandatory waiting period between tests, you need to make sure you pass the next time. For an effective method that has over 15 years of experience with US educated physical therapists repeating the NPTAE. Check out www.therapyteam.com

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